The 9th Asia Theatre Education Center International Forum Held in Colombia

The 9th Asia Theatre Education Center InternationalForum was held from May 19th to May 21st, 2015 in Cali,Colombia, which is hosted by the Asia Theatre Education Centre (ATEC) and organizedby Universidad del Valle, Colombia. The theme of the forum is Games in Theatre Pedagogy. Representativesof 15 drama schools from 14 countries and regions, four international organizationsand art troupes, totaling 140 people, attended the forum.

The 10th Directors’Meeting, Executive Directors’ Meeting and GeneralAssembly of the Asia Theatre Education Centre (ATEC) were held during theforum. The general election of director-general of ATEC was made successfully.Meanwhile, Xu Xiang, director-general of ATEC, appointed vice director-general, executivedirector, directors, cadres and staff of ATEC.

Experts and scholars conducted a lively and thoroughdiscussion on the theme during the forum. Three teachers, Chen Gang, Bian Wentongand Li Yadi, from The Central Academy of Dramadelivered a speech at the forum. Professor Chen Gang was also invited to holdmaster class for local students by the organizer. The play Macbeth was performed by the Acting Department of The CentralAcademy of Drama at the festival.