Notice on Holding the 4th World Theatre Education Conference with 6th Asian Theatre Schools Festival

COVID-19 has immensely influenced the whole world. At present, the virus is yet to be controlled in some countries. It will still take a long time before the inbound and outbound activities and international flights resume their vitality. Under this circumstance, in order to maintain the exchange for theatre education, the Centre convened urgent meetings of executive directors and directors in November and decided that the 4th World Theatre Education Conference with 6th Asian Theatre Schools Festival would be held online. The details of the events are as follows:

I. Organizer: Asia Theatre Education Centre

II. Host: The Central Academy of Drama, China

III. Theme of the Festival: Humanity in the Ancient Greek Plays

IV. Theme of the Conference: Media Art and Theatre

V. Date: May 18 (Tue.) - May 23 (Sun.), 2021

VI. Opening Ceremony: 

Live streaming starting from 9:00 pm (GMT+8), May 18, 2021. The platform for the live streaming will be announced later. There will be guests’ speeches, keynote speeches, among other sessions at the ceremony. Four languages (Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese) of simultaneous interpreting will be provided.

VII. Attendees: 1) Member and non-member schools according to Bylaws of ATEC;

                        2) Experts in theatre arts invited by the host;

                        3) Scholars, educators and related organizations interested in theatre


VIII.Schedule (GMT+8)



May 18 (Tue.)

9:00 - 11:30 Opening Ceremony for the events   (video conference)

12:00 Videos of the   performances and paper presentations to be open to the public on demand.

May 20 (Thur.)

9:00-12:00 Discussion   sessions of the Conference

May 23 (Sun.)

24:00 End

IX. Contacts

Address: 4# Hong Fu Middle Rd, Changping District., Beijing, China,

Phone/Fax: +86-10-56620492


Contact Person: Ju Ping