The 6th Asian Theatre Schools Festival Notification

Please be notified that according to the decision made by Asia Theatre Education Centre in the General Assembly in May 2019at The Central Academy of Drama, China, the ATEC 6th Asian Theatre Schools Festival will be held in May 2020. Please review the details enclosed.

1. Sponsors: The Committee of Art Education, Ministry of Education of PRC

Asia Theatre Education Centre (ATEC)

2. Hosted by:The Central Academy of Drama, China

3. Date: From May 17th, 2020 to May 23rd, 2020

4. Venue: Changping campus, The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China (4# Hongfu Middle Road,Changping District, Beijing)

5. Theme:Human Nature inAncient Greek Plays

6. Qualified Participants:ATEC member schools, and non-member schools and guests related invited by the host.

7. Expenditure Issues:

1)For member school who has already paid the membership fee, the host will cover accommodation and the conference fee of 1500CNY per person for 12 delegates.The exceeded delegates will be charged a participation fee of 500CNY per day per person.

2)Delegates from member school who has not yet paid the membership fee and participants of non-member schools are liable for theconference fee of 1500CNYper person. And they also need to pay 500CNY per day per person for the accommodation.

3)The round trip fares of all the delegates will be on their own.

4) The host will not cover the cost of stage setting, property and costume.

8. Deadline for Application:January 10th, 2020


9. Contact:


Contact:Ju Ping



The 6th Asian Theatre Schools FestivalImplementation Plan (Provisional)

1.    The Theme of the Festival: Human Nature in Ancient Greek Plays

2.    Qualified Participants:

ATEC member schools, and non-member schools and groups invited by ATEC.

3.    Introduction of the Theatre of Performance

3.1 Proscenium Stage Theatre, Changping campus, The Central Academy of Drama

3.2Studio Theatre 1, Changping campus, The Central Academy of Drama

3.3 Open-air Theatre, Changping campus, The Central Academy of Drama

4.    Requirements

1)  The participating group must ensure that all the related measures are taken to get the permission from the copyright owner.

2)  The performance shall be within 60 minutes.

3)  The time for stage setting is 3 hours (rehearsal included). Please pay attention to the limit of time.

4)  There shall be no more than 10 performers for each performance.

5)  The director shall be a student, while the teacher cangive instructions.

6)  Only empty stage, basic property and light will be served. Ifthereis need for particular property, the participating school shall prepare for it on their own.

7)  The participating schools shall offer the subtitles both in Chinese and Englishand the operator of the subtitles.

5.    Jury Committee and Awarding

1)  Jury Committee

The jury committee will be consisted ofexperts invited by The Central Academy of Drama.

2)  Awarding

There will be one “Best Stage Performance” awards, two “Outstanding Stage Performance” awards and 10 “Best Acting” awards as well as a special award to a person or group for particular reason.

3)  Were there any problems against the rules in the performance, there will be a deduction in the score.

6.    Post-show Talks

1)  The post-show talk will be held after the performance. The duration of the talk is about 30 minutes.

2)  The languagesused in the talks shall be Chinese and English.

3)   It is highly suggested that delegates from all schools participate in the post-show talks as long the time of their performances do not overlap with that of the talks.

7.    Others

1)  Please submit the final version of following materials regardingyour play before March 15th , 2020:

1.1 Text of script (both Chinese and English)

1.2 Video of performance

1.3 Anintroductiontothe school(about 800 words),

1.4 A message addressed by school’s rector (about 500 words),as well as a photo of the rector

1.5 Synopsis(about 600 words)

1.6 The photo of the director and all actors. (For actors, please name the photo as Character’s Name-Actor’s Name)

1.7 The cast (Character’s Name-Actor’s Name)andback-stage credits (Name – Responsibility)

1.8 Poster (in English, with the size of 60*90)

2)  Please be aware that the organizer may use your photos in the brochure and performance list, and we may take photos and videos of the performance.

3)  The schools willing to participate in the event shall fill in the application form and submit before 10th Jan, 2020.

4)  Due to the limit of condition, the host could only accept the first 10 performances. The host will sequence the performances considering the order of application, situations as well as the content stated in the application form.

5)  The time and location of the performance will be informed before 30th March, 2020 (provisional) by the host after confirming with the office of ATEC.