Call for the Yearbook of Asia Theatre Education Exchanges 2014

Dear ATEC Member Schools& Non-member Schools:

Asia Theatre Education Centre (ATEC) startsto collect materials for the editing of the Yearbookof Asia Theatre Education Exchanges 2014 (the 9th journal), with the aim ofpromoting the communication and sharing of information between Asia theatreinstitutions. All the expenses of the editing and publishing will be covered byATEC. 10 copies will be sent to the schools which have provided their materialsto the Yearbook for free.

Please refer to the details listed below:

1. Name of the Publication: Yearbook ofAsia Theatre Education Exchanges 2014

2. Time span of the Publication: from Jan.1 –Dec.31, 2014 (within one year)

3. Collection Content:

1)general introduction of the school (within 1000 words,photos preferred)

2)curriculum of theatre courses

3)important international activities and academic exchanges(e.g. teaching symposia, workshops, lectures, performances, visits. within 100words for every item. photos preferred)

4)Stage photos (of graduation productions and students'stage practice within 2014)

* Each photo should benoted with brief introduction (including performing dates, venues, play’s name,classes, directors, supervisors and photographer etc, within 50 words)

* 10 photosfor ATEC member schools, 3 photos for non-member schools

4. Collection Objects: ATEC memberschools and non-member schools

5. Deadline: September 20, 2015

6. Language Requirement: In order toreflect each school's situation accurately, please provide the materials in Chineseas well as English(the official language of the Yearbook is Chinese andEnglish).

7. Issuing time: LateDecember 2015 (interim)

8. Issued by ATEC

* Please kindlyprovide electronic version of all the materials and send it back on the e-mailaddress of [email protected] (EN & CN)

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