Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture (MSUAC)

The Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture is proud to beacknowledged as the largest and leading university in the field of culture andarts of Mongolia. As a university establishment we consist of School of FineArts, School of Broadcasting and Media, School of Culture and Civilization,School of Culture, School of Stage and Screen Arts, and School of Music Arts; aresearch institute and music and dance college. The university accomplished alot to consolidate a new training and education order to study, promote anddisseminate the great heritage of the occidental and oriental civilizations.

Founded at the State Pedagogical Institute in 1959, a Class of drama and cinema started the history ofprofessional training of actors and directors in Mongolia. For the past period,it grown up to become an independent School of Stage and Screen Arts. It provides high-quality, fully-accreditedprograms at 9 professional majors in the field of acting, directing andchoreography.