Universidad del Valle, Colombia

Universidad del Valle is a public, state-supported university founded in 1945.Itis one of Colombia’s three most important public universities and is proud to be among the 18 Colombian universities awarded with the High-Quality Institutional Accreditation granted by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

In 1975 professor Buenaventura initiated theory- practical workshops in the university, such as history of theatre, dramaturgy seminars about Bertolt Brecht, opened to all the university community (professors, employees and students) in order to configurat the educational module to implement in Dramatic Art school.

Since 1993, the program introduced new conceptions with respect to the formation of the actor, important gesture initiated by Professor Mauricio Domenici, directed toward work about dramatic text, construction of character as well as the areas of movement and voice.

These new experiences come from a major exchange and outreach with the ASAB (Superior Academy of Arts of Bogota) this school of theatre had already structured a formation method, and one of the participants was Alejandro Gonzalez Puche, graduated with honors from the Russian Academy of theatre in MoscowGITIS and professor Ma Zhenghong, also graduated from the GITIS, and then linked in 1996 to the University of Valle, on the department of dramatic arts. Since then, the artistic and pedagogical formation has new processes and implemented a full time dedication to dramatic art professional formation as a fundamental start for a poetic of theatrical pedagogy.