Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema, Vietnam

Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema was founded on December 17th 1980 under the Decision numbered 372/CP of the Government. The Academy was merged into by Vietnam Film School and Vietnam Theatre which was founded in 1959. In 1995, the Academy accepted two units governed by the Ministry of Culture and Information: Vietnam Theatre Institute and Vietnam Film School. With the consent of the Government, since 2000 the Academy has opened some training courses of Master of Theatre and Master of Cinema.

With many training levels: tertiary education and post graduate, the Academy has become a big education center of the country in the fields of Theatre, Cinema, Film Technique, Photography, Theatre Design, Film Design, Costume Design, Animation Design, Dancing and Television. Along with art specializations, the Academy has a Department of Cinema Technique & Economics, which trains cinema technicians at higher education level and tertiary level. Besides of 11 Departments with 40 disciplines of Art and Cinema Technique, the Academy also has an Institute of Theatre & Cinema, a film studio, an Experimental Theatre, a Center of Theatre Technology, a library and a Foreign Language & Information Center.

Basing on the position of such a unique Academy in the whole country at tertiary level in Cinema and Theatre, the students of Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema have worked in many film companies, theatres, television stations and many cultural departments throughout the country, some others are People’s Artists, Meritorious Artists, famous actors, actresses or researchers in the filed of Art.
With the Government’s help, the facilities of the Academy have been improved. In recent years, Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema has improved documents, curriculum, teaching methodology and teaching aids to meet the high demand of social development. Besides, the Academy has also strengthened the training cooperation with many countries such as: France, Russia, America, Australia, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway…in the fields of Cinema and Theatre.