Chungwoon University, Korea

Chungwoon University was founded to seek the truth, build up students’ personalities, and make a contribution to social and national development based on the educational philosophy of humanitarianism and the mottos of ’Ineui,’ ’Yeji,’ and ’Sinae.’ For this purpose, the university aims to bring creative and practical education into focus.

With a firm will and determination, the University has made a great progress since its establishment. The broadcasting sector was selected for the Local University Specialization project promoted by the Ministry of Education and then the University received annual subsidies from the government from 1997 to 2001. Therefore, the broadcasting-related departments have a strong base for innovative growth nationwide. In 2002, the University was nominated as one of the Excellent Universities in Education Reform by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development. In September of the same year, Chungwoon University was awarded the Commendation from the Prime Minister for the excellent academy-industry research achievement. The broadcasting sector of the University was also chosen for the government-led Local University Development project and received the subsidy from the government from 2002 to 2003, which led to open the Broadcasting Media Education Center (BMEC) in 2004.

The Dept. of Acting has the purpose of training professional actors in the area of performing arts, TV, movie, broadcasting, media and advertisement. It is focusing on remedying the regional cultural gap and promoting the development of regional culture art through the various onsite training. It offers wide future possibilities to the students as positively extending the performing arts education to TV, broadcasting and media. The professional and systematic training of this department develops the potential capabilities and the feelings of the students and hardens the substances of the balanced results of theory and practice.