School of Theatre and Film, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Chung-Ang University is a private comprehensive institution, which enrolls 30,000 students with a faculty of 907 members at 19 colleges and 16 graduate schools on two campuses in seoul and nearby suburban Anseong in Korea. Chung-Ang University, established in 1918 with the educational ideal of Righteousness and Truth, has overcome the nation's many adversities and has taken on a leadership role to cultivate the intellectuals of Korea. Respected as a national leader in providing the highest quality of education, Chung-Ang University has been setting an innovative pace in higher learning.

School of Theatre and Film, CAU was established in 1959 as the first 4-year collegial theatre education institution and was selected as a recipient of grants for the University Specialization Project, actively funded by the Ministry of Education for the first time in Korea in the field of the arts. Also, by being accredited as first in National Evaluation Survey of Theatre Departments in Higher Education in all five categories which was carried out in 2003, the department proved itself that it was leading the field of theatre education in Korea.

School of Theatre and Film comprises Department of Theatre, Department of Film and Department of Stage and Production Design. Department of Theatre comprises acting, directing, theory, producing, and playwriting majors; Department of Stage and Production Design comprises stage design and production design (for film) majors. The school also offers graduate courses for both Master’s and doctoral degrees. It provides a flexible and effective educational environment in which students may design their own interdisciplinary studies such as drama therapy or law for performing arts.

An additional strength of the School of Theatre and Film is international activities. In 2006, it hosted International Conference on Culture and the Arts and University Theatre Festival of Korea-China-Japan and in 2008, IFTR 2008 Conference: Annual Conference of International Federation for Theatre Research. At the same time, it has been participated actively in Asian Theatre Education Center (ATEC) and Global Alliance of Theatre Schools (GATS) as a founding member for both. Through these networks, the school is doing its best to contribute for the common development of Korean theatre and theatre education, as well as Asian and world theatre education.