National School or Drama, India

The National School or Drama, one of the foremost theatre training institutions in the world and the only one of its kind in India, was set up in 1959.Over the years the School has made advances on various fronts including a rapid expansion of its activities in all parts of the country .It has produced a galaxy of talented actors, directors, script-writers, designer, technicians and educationists who work in theatre, films and television and have been recipients of several awards at the national and international level.

The training in the School is based on a thorough, comprehensive, carefully-planned syllabus, which covers every aspect of theatre, in which theory is related to practice, and in which all work is ultimately put to test before a wide public audience. The syllabus takes into account the methods of great theatre personalities who have shaped contemporary theatre in all its variety of expressional forms. The systematic study and practical performing experience of Sanskrit drama, modern Indian drama, traditional Indian theatre forms, Asian drama and Western drama give the students a solid grounding and wide Perspective in the art of theatre.

The School has a Repertory Company and Theatre-in-Education Company in Delhi and a Regional Resource Centre at Bangalore. NSD's Extension Programme seeks to extend and diffuse its activities in all regions of the country. A programme for research, documentation and publication is a recent addition to strengthen the academic activities of the School, The School's publications include anthologies of plays in different Indian languages translated into English, reference works and theatre studies in Hindi and two regular periodicals, viz. Rang Prasang in Hindi, and Theatre India in English, in their eighth and seventh years respectively.