College of Fine Arts, University of New Mexico, USA

Founded in 1889, The University of New Mexico (UNM) servesapproximately 30,000 students on its main campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico,USA. The College of Fine Arts, however, hasapproximately 1500 students. As the only comprehensive College of Fine Arts in thestate, granting both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Art and Art History(491 students), Cinematic Arts(219 students), Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media(180 students), Music (291 student), Theatre (250students) and Dance (50 students). It hasfull-time faculty members of 100 and 60 part-time faculty members.

The College of Fine Arts nurturescreative thinking and supports innovative work across all disciplines byproviding in-depth training and mentoring in the complex skills necessary forachievement in the arts. We integrate teaching, research, access and exposureto museums, and creative work in order to prepare students to participate inthe evolving disciplinary and professional practices of the arts.By forming acenter where the arts are publicly performed, created, exhibited, interpreted,and preserved, they foster economic development in New Mexico, contribute tothe sustainability of art education in our public schools, promote the growthof extra-institutional arts in the region, and advocate the judiciousintegration of art and technology.