Message from the General Secretary


Xu Xiang   Director-General of ATEC

President of The Central Academy of Drama, China


In order to build a new platform for theatre schools from different countries in Asia, in July 2005, The Central Academy of Drama from China, Nihon University College of Art from Japan and Chung-Ang University from Korea decided to set up Asia Theatre Education Centre, with an aim to develop theatre education together with all the countries and regions in Asian area.


On October 19th 2005, with support of the Ministry of Education, China, ATEC was founded in Beijing. The member schools include The Central Academy of Drama from China, Nihon University College of Art from Japan, Chung-Ang University from Korea, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts from Singapore, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts from China, Shanghai Theatre Academy from China, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from China, National School of Drama from India, Chungwoon University from Korea, Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema from Vietnam, Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music from Japan, Seokyeong University from Korea, Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture from Mongolia, University of Valle from Colombia and College of Fine Arts, University of New Mexico from USA, Faculty of theatre, Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA)from Malaysia.


Nowadays, theatre education is facing a more profound challenge than ever before, while opportunities are offered at the same time. We believe that through all efforts made by ATEC, the whole environment of theatre education will be improved, and the cooperation between and among different countries and regions will be enhanced as well.


I am confident that, with our co-efforts, ATEC will become a unique and attractive window to display the Asian theatre culture to the world, and theatre education of Asian countries will achieve more successes in future.